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A Very Good Problem

busy (1024x764)Our warehouse is an exciting place right now as we are simultaneously working on two projects for Africa (Liberia & Ivory Coast). 

Our team members and volunteers have been working hard to move things around to make better use of our floor space. As donations come in, it is a little crowded in there! 

We are thankful for this problem and we say, “Bring it on!” We still need more items to fill the Liberia container and funds for shipping it. Two of our team members are on their way to a shipping facility in New York to drop off a load for Children’s Lighthouse in Honduras. Getting another shipment out of the warehouse was a blessing.

There is still time for you to be involved with the Liberia container. By donating items, funds or time, you will be helping national pastors, churches, Ebola victims, and children in poverty. Learn more about making a difference in Liberia that will last for eternity: