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Video – Liberia West Africa

A growing ministry is always in transition! We have already started rearranging the warehouse, receiving materials, and preparing to fill a 40ft container for Liberia. Pastor Guanue Gbendah and his network of churches are in tremendous need of Bibles and materials. Liberia is on the Top 10 list of poorest countries on Earth. 

Liberia is still dealing with the aftermath of a civil war that forced young boys to take up arms. Bibles were taken out of homes and destroyed. The civil war has passed, but Liberians are now faced with other hardships such as Ebola. The Gbendahs had several pastors, friends, and congregation members who passed away because of Ebola. Pastor Gbendah graduated from Crown College in 2002 and soon moved back to Liberia to help his people. He started a church, Christian school, and Bible college.

We challenge you to take a moment to watch this video about starting this new project. After you watch the video, pray and ask God what He would have you to do! Here are several ways you can be involved: donating materials to fill the Liberia container, giving funds for shipping (we don’t have the exact costs yet, but it will be several thousand dollars), and volunteering in our warehouse to sort and itemize donated goods. 

You can also help provide Bibles for the Liberian people by joining our Bible Club. We just ordered 1,500 Bibles to help this country where Bibles were once outlawed. All donations for the container need to be made by the end of May. If giving by check, please include a memo for “Liberia.” We plan to continue working with Pastor Gbendah in the future.

Items needed for Liberia: first aid kits, vitamins, powdered laundry detergent, hymnals, generators, school supplies, new blankets, new bed linen, plastic plates, cups, bowls, heavy pots & pans without plastic handles, new or like new clothing, new or like new shoes all sizes, new mattresses, folding tables, new or like new toys, flashlights with batteries, computers, laptops (xp or newer), Sunday school teaching visuals, folding chairs, musical instruments (no large pianos or organs), combs & brushes, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, shampoo, toilet paper, tooth brushes, and toothpaste. He also requested a large TV to be used in their Christian school for showing curriculum videos. If someone donates the funds, we could pick up a television for them at our local Walmart. If used clothing is donated, please have someone at your church organize it and check to make sure it is in good condition. They do not need winter clothing.

Liberia, West Africa