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Shipping Solutions For Missionaries

DirectLine Ministry can manage your freight forwarding to the port closest to your mission field.  We’re here to simplify the shipping  process for you.

Why Choose DirectLine Ministry?

We are first and foremost a ministry for Independent Baptist Missionaries.  We know there is always a need for Scriptures.  That’s where we come in. We ship them to the port closest to your mission field.  We are well aware that your resources are limited, so we keep costs as low as possible for you by using brokers that pick the best and most trusted companies that offer the lowest prices.

Logistic Solutions

We stage your  20’ or 40’ container at our warehouse in Statesboro, GA, where we process the paperwork, weigh, and itemize all materials for the Bill of Lading, schedule the container, prepare the pallets, load the container, and have it shipped.

From Our Warehouse to Your Port

After the container is scheduled and loaded (most containers are loaded by volunteers from local churches), we have the container trucked to the port.  From there, the container is loaded onto a ship and sent to the predetermined port. After that, missionaries are responsible to have the container trucked to wherever the container is to be unloaded.  Missionaries can contact the port for help concerning the trucking of their container.  There may be terminal handling and local charges,  including taxes, to pay at the port before a container is released.   It is the missionary’s responsibility to inquire and care for all fees at the port of destination.   Once the delivery orders have been obtained, the container will be released for customs clearance. Documents such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Certificate of Origin may be required.  Don’t sweat it!  Our broker will mail them to you, so you will have them before the container arrives.  Sometimes a letter of donation is required; we can provide that as well.   Missionaries must contact the port to inquire about exactly what they need to get their container released.

Do We Ship Personal Items?

Yes, but keep in mind, our ministry is for missionaries who are going to the mission field  or who are already on the field.  We treat your freight like our own, and though we do our best to protect personal items, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of any kind.  Insurance can be purchased for items in a container through a third party.

What is The First Step?

Email thomas.green@directlineministry.com and ask for a copy of our application and shipping policies.  Fill them out, email them back, and we will be in contact with you shortly. If you can’t wait, please call the office at 912-243-9999 and tell us what you need.


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