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History of Directline Ministry

For over 32 years, Paul and Debbie Deem served together as missionaries until his home-going in December 2021. They began missionary work in 1986 in the Philippines and continued in 1997 in Mexico. 

The Lord used them to start independent Baptist churches, a Bible Institute, and several other ministries. After seeing the need for ministry supplies in poverty-stricken areas of the world, the Lord led them to launch DirectLine Ministry, Inc. in 1999 in Coolville, Ohio.

 The primary focus in the early years was on providing supplies to over 200 Baptist churches, orphanages, and Christian schools in Mexico.  Space was needed, so a 40×80 ft warehouse was constructed next to their house where supplies were stored. As missionaries began contacting them with lists of desperately needed supplies, DirectLine Ministry soon became a world-wide ministry.   

Today, DirectLine Ministry is a supply line for missionaries, pastors, orphanages, and Christian schools all over the world. The supplies provided include Bibles, Scripture booklets, tracts, church furniture, medical equipment, folding chairs, tables, musical
instruments, building supplies, Sunday School materials, song books, and Christmas Joy Gift Bags.

After hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf coast area in 2006, DirectLine Ministry expanded into helping churches with donated disaster relief supplies. Since then, we have collected and distributed to disaster-hit areas both in the US and abroad, distributing supplies to places such as North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Philippines, Honduras, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Ukraine.

As the ministry grew and the in-land shipping costs increased, it became evident that DirectLine needed to be closer to a seaport. After Paul and Debbie prayed for a year about relocating DirectLine Ministry, the Lord opened the door for them to sell the property in Coolville, OH. The Lord sent a man to purchase the warehouse and office before it was even advertised.

After looking at several warehouses in the Savannah area, they found a 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse for sale in Statesboro. The Lord made it possible for DirectLine Ministry to purchase the warehouse in March of 2018. After the passing of Brother Deem into Glory, Thomas Green, who joined the DLM team in 2015, was asked to serve as the director of DirectLine Ministry. Thomas and Ginger have been in the service of the Lord together for 30 years.

The ministry is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status. DirectLine Ministry is funded by churches and individuals of like faith with a heart to reach the world with the gospel and provide humanitarian aid to those in need.