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Bibles to Nicaragua


Missionary Barry Ritchie in Honduras has a big heart for the people of Central America. He has started numerous churches in Honduras both in the cities and far into the mountains. 

Barry and Lisa also started a children’s home that has rescued and transformed the lives of children. They continually work to plant more churches and strengthen the others.

DirectLine Ministry has helped by shipping Bibles, 40ft containers, Christmas  Joy Gift Bags, food, and many other useful items. We also have a project to purchase food for the Children’s Lighthouse Home. Several faithful givers donate on a monthly basis so Lisa can buy perishable foods from the local market. This has made a huge difference as they often have to decide between paying the bills and buying food. There is still so much that is needed.

It would be wonderful if we had enough Christians giving on a monthly basis to cover all of their food needs for each month. Last month, they went for two weeks without money for groceries. They had to spend their support money on a girl with a broken arm. Her arm had to be surgically pinned back together or she would lose it forever.

Recently, Barry Ritchie took a mission trip to Nicaragua. Life is not easy there because the country is slanted toward socialism and many other hardships. He went with a group of pastors and Christians who are trying to start outreach churches. How exciting to see people receiving their first Bibles in Nicaragua! 

We truly appreciate the members of our Bible Club for making this possible.  Barry’s son, Jr and his wife Lordes also visited Nicaragua so they could join this exciting opportunity. They were able to stay in the home of a retired Sandinista Captian who helped in the outreach! God is working in Nicaragua and we are so happy to have a part in giving out the Bibles. 

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