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As I write this newsletter, I am so excited to share with you what God has done and is doing. Thank you for continuing to pray for my wife, Debbie. In my newsletter in January, she was starting to sit up in bed, turn over without help and with very little pain.

Every time a nurse came from hospice to see Debbie, all they could say is “you are amazing.”  One nurse told me “After knowing your wife, I don’t know how anyone could not believe there is a God.” The nurses call her the miracle lady. 

What a testimony Debbie’s illness and God’s miraculous healing has been! Because of her continued improvement hospice discontinued on Feb. 14th. Home Health Care took over, but she is improving so quickly they discontinued on April 8th. Today she is walking with a walker and is about ready to trade it for a quad cane.

Easter Sunday, she was able to go to Church. What a blessing! This was the first time she was able to go out since she had become bedfast over a year and a half ago. Debbie also had a frozen right shoulder for 7-8 years. Her right arm and hand had excruciating nerve pain to the touch and her hand was always resting on her chest. When God started healing her, He took away the nerve pain. Her shoulder became moveable and now she can put her arm down to her side.

God has performed a miracle! The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful Christian doctor. He looked at Debbie and me and said, “There is no medical explanation why you recovered.” It’s just God! There is so much more that happened I would like to share with you maybe someday in person. Debbie  wants to start traveling with me again to churches. We are praying for a travel trailer which would make it easier for her to travel. Next month, Debbie and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.

We met 38 years ago on Easter Sunday at a Sunrise service. Also next month, we will celebrate 30 years in the ministry. God is so good to us! If you would like to schedule us to come and give an update please call or email.