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JOY Around the World

Philippines – Pastor Arnel Amualla sent us several beautiful pictures of handing out Joy Bags at his church. The children were so happy to receive the gifts. Pastor Arnel is a graduate of Lighthouse Baptist Bible College. 

That is the college Paul & Debbie Deem started during their time as missionaries to the Philippines. In addition to pastoring the church, Pastor Arnel also speaks on the radio in a large city and has lead many people to Christ. He has the potential to reach around 500,000 radio listeners each week. It costs him $25 a week to travel and speak on the radio. We are praying for individuals and churches to help him with this expense. If you want to help reach 500,000 souls a week with the gospel, you can contact us for details!

Mexico – The JOY spreads to MX as our team members are currently visiting our Saltillo property/distribution center. The center is used to give Bibles, Scriptures, and a great variety of other materials to dozens of missionaries and pastors throughout MX. Missionary Chris Lanier started a church on the property. 

The team members had the opportunity to minister in that church and several others. They helped Bro Ted Dehart in his warehouse for missionary supplies and distributed materials to 6 churches. They also went out on visitation in Saltillo and attended a children’s Bible school service. So far, they have seen 3 people accept Christ! We appreciate their help as we reach souls through DirectLine Ministry!

Pictures sent by Pastor Arnel: