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“If We Only Had Bibles”

A truck driver came to deliver a 40ft container to our warehouse in Coolville, OH. He was amazed to hear about all the countries we had helped by shipping Bibles, Scripture booklets, humanitarian aid, medical supplies, folding chairs, food, etc.  We are blessed to be able to supply church planters who are winning countless souls for Christ!

The driver got to hear the best part about our ministry – the “why” behind everything we do. He heard the Gospel from our founder/director Missionary Paul Deem. He joyfully accepted Christ and then surprised us all with his life’s story. He lived in West Africa but had to flee to the United States because his life was in danger. He escaped a bloody civil war that was raging all around him, traveled to America, and worked hard to get his CDL.

We will never forget what he said, “If my country had Bibles, there wouldn’t have been a civil war.” As Christians, we have been commissioned by God to spread the Gospel to the far reaches of the earth. It is the best way to lift people out of their sins, violence, and false teachings. It is how we can impact and improve the world’s condition. Pray about getting involved with our Bible Club to provide the living Word of God to a dying world.