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Tracts Going To Fiji

We just received a shipment of 25,000 tracts that will be going to a missionary in Fiji. It is exciting to add another country to our ever-growing list of places we have supplied. 

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 miles northeast of New Zealand. The tracts will soon leave our warehouse and help the missionary as he leads people to Christ and invites them to church.


As I write this newsletter, I am so excited to share with you what God has done and is doing. Thank you for continuing to pray for my wife, Debbie. In my newsletter in January, she was starting to sit up in bed, turn over without help and with very little pain.

Every time a nurse came from hospice to see Debbie, all they could say is “you are amazing.”  One nurse told me “After knowing your wife, I don’t know how anyone could not believe there is a God.” The nurses call her the miracle lady. 

What a testimony Debbie’s illness and God’s miraculous healing has been! Because of her continued improvement hospice discontinued on Feb. 14th. Home Health Care took over, but she is improving so quickly they discontinued on April 8th. Today she is walking with a walker and is about ready to trade it for a quad cane.

Easter Sunday, she was able to go to Church. What a blessing! This was the first time she was able to go out since she had become bedfast over a year and a half ago. Debbie also had a frozen right shoulder for 7-8 years. Her right arm and hand had excruciating nerve pain to the touch and her hand was always resting on her chest. When God started healing her, He took away the nerve pain. Her shoulder became moveable and now she can put her arm down to her side.

God has performed a miracle! The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful Christian doctor. He looked at Debbie and me and said, “There is no medical explanation why you recovered.” It’s just God! There is so much more that happened I would like to share with you maybe someday in person. Debbie  wants to start traveling with me again to churches. We are praying for a travel trailer which would make it easier for her to travel. Next month, Debbie and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.

We met 38 years ago on Easter Sunday at a Sunrise service. Also next month, we will celebrate 30 years in the ministry. God is so good to us! If you would like to schedule us to come and give an update please call or email.

Dying to Self and Living for Him

We are thankful for all of our prayer partners, team members, volunteers, and supporters who help us accomplish missionary projects. They are willing to die to self in order to be used for God’s glory. When James Calvert went out as a missionary to the cannibals of the Fiji Islands, the ship captain tried to turn him back, saying, “You will lose your life and the lives of those with you if you go among such savages.” To that, Calvert replied, “We died before we came here.”

If you would like to get more involved in missions, you can help with several hands-on projects. DirectLine Ministry provides opportunities like the Christmas Joy Gift Bags, Scripture assembly, Bible Club, food drives, volunteering in our warehouse etc. You can make a difference by reaching souls around the world with the Gospel!

22 Accept Christ

Pastor Arnel Amualla saw 22 people accept Christ and baptized 13 after a special Joy Bag service in the Philippines. We are praising the Lord for the results of the Christmas Joy Gift Bags! Lets do even more bags in 2016 for God’s Glory!

New Ministry in Action Video

Our 2nd edition of Ministry in Action focuses on the Bible Club. These short video clips give updates, stories, and info on current projects. 

Thanks for watching, praying, and sharing the video with your friends! You can watch our 1st Ministry in Action video here. You can learn more about joining the Bible Club here.


Honduras Safe House

Our ministry has had the privilege of helping Missionary Barry Ritchie and his wife Lisa for many years. We have shipped containers and boxes full of Bibles, Scriptures, food for the children’s home, humanitarian aid, appliances, chairs, etc. They are doing a wonderful job raising children in their Lighthouse home.

We have visited them on mission trips to help pass out Christmas Joy Gift Bags and Bibles. Bro. Ritchie has also helped to start 7+ churches in Honduras and outreaches in Nicaragua. His big heart for the children is truly evident. 

Most of the children were severely neglected or abused. The latest venture for the Ritchies is starting the Honduras Safe House. It will provide a place for older children to transition into adulthood as well as house church groups during mission trips.

There are two ways you can help these wonderful children and the missionaries who love them.

 #1 You can help build the Honduras Safe House.  Funds are needed to complete the building. This building will be used to touch hundreds of lives and host mission groups (that could result in more Christians being called into missions).

 #2 You can feed the children by donating $10 (or anything God lays on your heart) each month. All the funds donated will be used to purchase food for the children.

If God lays it on your heart to help with either of these projects, you can give online or write a check to DirectLine Ministry. Make sure you include a memo for “Honduras Safe House” or “Children’s Lighthouse Food” so we know where to apply your tax-deductible donation. 

If you would like to speak with a  representative about this project, you can connect with Bro. Thomas Green who is concentrating on Central & South America: www.tgdirectlineministry.wordpress.com

Bibles in my Language

A truck driver who recently hauled a 40ft container to our warehouse was originally from Iraq. He bravely served with our military to gather intelligence on suspected radicals. Each day, he would drop something to check for bombs under his car. He eventually had to flee to America for the safety of his family. Our director, Paul Deem, took time to witness to him as the container was loaded for Trinidad.

Though he did not accept Christ at that time, he had many questions and listened intently to the answers. Paul handed him an Arabic Bible and could tell he was very confused. He said, “What is this, a Koran?” Paul opened it and showed him the Word of God for the first time. He replied, “I didn’t know Bibles existed in Arabic!” He was so excited that he wanted one to share with his brother as well. 

Can you imagine living in the Middle East for all those years and living in America without knowing the Bible existed in your language? Thanks to our Bible Club members, DirectLine Ministry has already sent Arabic Bibles to missionaries in 2 countries and we are working on plans for others.


From Missionary Matt Bernsdorff

(Currently in Trinidad) It was a blessing to have found DirectLine Ministry. This ministry was an answer to prayer! They showed up with a big truck and lots of help to load our supplies and household goods. 

They then took it back to their warehouse where they will professionally wrap and load our 40 X 8 container. With the left over space they will put Bibles, gospel tracts, and Bible literature. The container they provide is half the price of all other containers I found. This will be a great help to us. 

On top of our household goods, we will be bringing over 1 MILLION GOSPEL TRACTS to pass out.



Ivory Coast Container – Loaded

We loaded the container for Ivory Coast, West Africa! We give special thanks to the volunteers who helped us! Weighing in at 32,000 pounds, the container will be a tremendous blessing to the missionaries. 

The final count ended up being 3,000 Bibles, 40,000 Tracts and 126,000 Scripture booklets along with other useful items. We appreciate the Kings and Crocketts who are faithfully serving and winning souls in Ivory Coast.

New Feature! Ministry in Action

Ministry in Action is a new series of short video clips from DirectLine Ministry. They will contain a variety of updates, praises, prayer requests, interesting stories, and current projects. Share them with your friends and check back often for new clips!