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Providing Disaster Relief for WV

We have the privilege of helping churches in West Virginia that were affected by the recent storms. A state of emergency has been declared for multiple counties. Many homes were swept away by floodwaters and the death toll continues to rise. If you would like to be a blessing to the affected families, you can donate goods from the list below or give funds for involved expenses. As churches distribute these needed supplies, they will have a great opportunity to share the Gospel and invite people to their services.

We will be taking multiple trips, as God provides, to the hard hit areas. If you would like to donate, please do so as soon as possible. (The cutoff date for this project is July 25th) Donated goods can be dropped off at our warehouse. For more information call our office 740-667-6166 or email us office@directlineministry.com. We are working in conjunction with Nehemiah’s Network out of Columbia Road Baptist Church.

Needed Items:

Food (Nothing Outdated)- Apple Sauce, Beef Stew, Canned Chicken, Canned Fruit, Canned Juice, Canned Milk, Canned Vegetables, Cereal Bars, Coffee, Creamer, Granola Bars, Jelly, Little Debbie Snacks, Mints / Gum, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Pork & Beans, Powdered Milk, Salt/Pepper, Snack Crackers, SPAM, Sugar, Tea Bags, Tuna, Vienna Sausages, water bottles

Hygiene Supplies – Soap, Combs & Brushes, Deodorant Men’s/Ladies’, Disposable Razors, Feminine Items, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Toilet Paper, Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste, Wet Wipes

Baby Items – Baby Blankets, Baby Food, Baby Formula, Baby Wipes, Bottles, Diapers

Health Items – Aspirin/Tylenol, Band-Aids, Rubbing Alcohol

Other – Batteries, Blankets, Brooms, Candles, Cups, Disinfectant Wipes, Disposable Rain Coats, Flashlights, Garbage Bags, Kleenex, Matches, Mops, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Utensils



Reaching Jews in Mexico City

We are loading a 53ft trailer that will soon be on its way to the border with materials for missionaries in Mexico. Along with 2 pallets of Bibles and several pallets of Scripture booklets and tracts, we are sending much needed supplies for planting churches. Dozens of missionaries and national pastors will receive the donated goods. Several cases of Bibles are going to a missionary who reaches the Jewish community in Mexico City. These are the first Bibles we have shipped in Hebrew!

Along with this shipment for Mexico, we have also been working on a shipment of tracts for Fiji, a 40ft container for Trinidad, a shipment for Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and other countries are still in the works. Two pallets recently left the warehouse and are on their way to England. Praise the Lord for helping us spread His Word to lost souls around the world.



Tracts Going To Fiji

We just received a shipment of 25,000 tracts that will be going to a missionary in Fiji. It is exciting to add another country to our ever-growing list of places we have supplied. 

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 miles northeast of New Zealand. The tracts will soon leave our warehouse and help the missionary as he leads people to Christ and invites them to church.