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Police in El Salvador

Missionary Adam Fridenstine handed out Bibles to the local police in El Salvador. We have sent him several shipments of Bibles and Joy Bags. He said by looking at the way they handled them, they acted like it was the first Bible they ever owned. 

We appreciate the Fridenstines and all those on the front lines who are sharing the Gospel. We also appreciate the members of our Bible Club. Look at the difference you are making! Give to the Bible Club today and help us provide a steady flow of God’s Word to the mission field.

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Chainsaw for Churches

We just received this exciting letter: “Dear Paul Deem & friends, We just want to take this time to say thank you for shipping our chain saw to us. Now we used this chain saw to cut the timbers to build pastor’s house. 

Or to help other pastors to cut their timbers to build their church building. Thank you once again for your kind support. God bless you all.” Michael Joseph – National Pastor in Papua New Guinea

Watch a Video of Chainsaw!

Little is Much

Little is much when God is in it! – We serve a miracle working God and He is so good to us. We have been praying for several months for a semi. 

Through some unique circumstances, a company sold a truck to our ministry for only $1! It’s a 2007 Sterling that runs great and is in good condition. It made the trip from CA to OH without any problems along the way.