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Starting The Ministry

Paul and Debbie Deem

In 1986, God called me and my family to be missionaries to the Philippines. We started 2 churches and a Bible College during our time there.  Twenty-two churches have been started as a result and graduates from the Bible College continue to plant more churches.

Then the Lord lead us to Mexico where we worked with a missionary and started a printing ministry. The Lord showed us the tremendous need for church planting materials in other countries. Because of health reasons, we could no longer live on the foreign field, so the Lord directed me to start DirectLine Ministry in 1999.

Printing Scriptures in Mexico

We began making trips to Mexico in a van and two-stall horse trailer. We would pack it full of donated materials for missionaries. As the ministry grew, we rented 7 storage units to hold all the donated goods and the Lord opened the doors for us to expand into different countries. We also constructed a 40x80ft warehouse.

DirectLine Ministry now has several teams and has sent thousands of Bibles and materials to 20 different countries including: the Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, remote Islands in the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, parts of Africa, India, and Chile.

Our Warehouse

Here are just a few of the donated items we have shipped to missionaries and national pastors: appliances, hymnals, pulpits, sound equipment, food, hygiene items, new toys, new clothing, teaching materials. Most importantly, we have shipped thousands of Bibles and millions of Scripture booklets and tracts!